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Our Classes

Classes are offered for children ages 2 to 15 years old! There are three sessions throughout the year. The fall session runs September to December, the winter session runs January to March, and the spring session runs from April to June.

While learning basic gymnastic skills, children will also increase their own personal strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination.  All classes and camps are taught by experienced and NCCP-certified staff with First Aid and CPR. See what programs we offer below:

Group Lessons

2/3 Year Olds: Parent & Tot

Parent and Tot is a structured, parented class for children 2 to 4 years old that is offered once a week for 45 minutes. All activities will be directed towards advancing your child's coordination and motor skills while interacting and socializing with others.  While learning basic gymnastics, children will also begin to learn to take turns, share and follow directions. Many props including balls, hoops, ribbons and parachutes are used to enhance your toddler's coordination and enjoyment. Please note: younger siblings not enrolled in the program are not allowed to be carried in baby carriers during the class.  We were notified by our insurance company that our insurance would be void if baby carriers are used.  

3-4 Years:

This class is a structured, unparented class and is for children 3 or 4 years old.  This class is once a week for 50 minutes. The goal of this class help children feel independent and comfortable away from parents. Early socialization, learning to share, taking turns, cooperation and following directions are just a few of the benefits your child will get from this class. A small teacher-to-child ratio (1:7) ensures focus and attention on each child, keeping safety and success in learning as top priorities. Through games, songs and the use of age-appropriate equipment, children will learn basic gymnastics in a fun and safe manner. 

4-6 Years:

This is a structured, unparented class is for children 4 to 6 years old that is offered once a week for 50-60 minutes. Children, both new or experienced in gymnastics, are sure to get a workout and learn something new. Skills of the week include locomotion's, balances, rolls, jumps, handstands and cartwheels. In learning these and other skills, Littler Tumblers will improve their balance, agility, coordination, flexibility and strength. Class size is a 8:1 ratio.

5-13 Years: 

Children are grouped by age as opposed to their skill level. This allows for children to learn and participate in gymnastics while having the social aspects beneficial to learning.  Each class is based around learning basic gymnastics, having fun and increasing each child’s own personal strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. Some of the skills children learn include rolls, handstands, bridges, cartwheels, balances and jumps. All children will learn at their own pace with an experienced coach that will provide individual encouragement and motivation. For example, children who can already do cartwheels will learn one-handed cartwheels or dive cartwheels (a prerequisite for a no-handed cartwheel!) Class size is a 8:1 ratio.

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